Shred Like a Pro: Mastering the Mini Ramp with Tech Decks

Tech Decks offer a pocket-sized portal to the world of skateboarding, letting you learn sweet tricks and grind out lines anywhere. Here’s how to get started and land those killer moves:

Getting a Grip on Your Deck

  • Finding your stance: Like with regular skateboarding, there’mongo pushing** (pushing with the front foot) and regular pushing (pushing with the back foot). Experiment to see which feels more natural.
  • Finger placement: The most common trick stance is with your index finger in the middle of the board and your middle finger on the tail. This gives you good control for popping and flicking.

Ollieing into Awesomeness

The ollie, the foundation of most fingerboard tricks, involves popping the board into the air and leveling it out. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Stance and Pop: Place your fingers as mentioned earlier. Press down on the tail with your middle finger and flick it down while snapping your wrist forward. This creates the pop.
  2. Leveling Out: As the board pops, slide your index finger up the griptape to level out the board in mid-air. Practice makes perfect!

Primo Progress

Once you’ve mastered the ollie, you can learn other tricks like:

  • Shove-it: Pop the board and flick your wrist to make it spin 180 degrees.
  • Kickflip: Similar to a shove-it, but flick your wrist diagonally to make the board spin and flip.
  • Grinds: Balance your board on objects like rails and ledges.

Tech Deck Terrain

Tech Deck fingerboard parks and ramps take your skills to the next level. Here are some tips for conquering them:

  • Start small: Practice your ollies and grinds on mellow inclines before hitting steeper ramps.
  • Think like a skater: Approach ramps with speed and commitment, just like you would on a real skateboard.

Beyond the Basics

The beauty of fingerboarding is that it’s all about creativity. Here are some ways to take your skills further:

  • Film your lines: Set up a phone and capture your sickest tricks.
  • Build your own mini ramp: Get creative with cardboard, books, and other household items.
  • Join the online community: Connect with other fingerboarders to share tips and tricks.

With practice and dedication, you’ll be shredding like a pro in no time. Remember, have fun, experiment, and don’t be afraid to fall – that’s part of the learning process Technology!